Revista Magisterio: ICOT2015, la gran cita mundial de la Educación

Jose Mª de Moya, Director of Magisterio magazine, highlights the importance of the ICOT 2015, here is the article below.

The educational Group COAS along with TuInnovas have skillfully managed to achieve that the ICOT 2015 will be held for the first time, after 30 years in a Spanish speaking country, which will be Spain.

MAGISTERIO has the honor to be the official exclusive media partner in what is considered the biggest global educational event, something like the Olympics in Education which happens every two years, which gathers together the most brilliant thinkers of the moment in one place .

Hold on to your seats and tell me if I am exaggerating: David Perkins (co-director of Project Zero Harvard), Howard Gardner (author of Multiple Intelligences), Robert Swartz, Lane Clark, Ewan McIntosh, Art Costa, Edward de Bono, James Nottingham, the brothers Johnson and a large number of prolific researchers.

Our country is represented by our own talent of Jose Antonio Marina and Monserrat del Pozo, among others. Who without doubt have been creators of concepts which have revolutionized the world of thinking, and education.

With almost 2000 participants attending the ICOT 2015 between 29th June and 3rd of July , who will be reflecting on " Thinking dispositions, intelligent conduct, multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, analytical, critical and creative thinking, cultures of visible thinking, digital revolution and curricular language, parent involvement, etc...
I have to confess that the approaching ICOT is striking for me, for two reasons, no three. In first place above all it is centered in Thinking, which is or should be the root of everything. Secondly it will nourish research in universities all over the world. The ICOT is not about opportunistic gurus or fashionable speakers for 10,000 per session, and finally because after being held in Fiji, Singapore, Melbourne, Cambridge, Honolulu , Bilbao has been designated as the first non English speaking host. Of course where would it be otherwise.


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