21 May

The candidature of Bilbao as the next Headquarters, will be presented under the title of " Thinking for Constructive Communities" with three main areas of development :

-Systematic thinking in organisations
-Democratic attitudes in human relations
-Constructing new thinking through social networks.


The ICOT 2015 BILBAO will be a week of conferences , workshops, think tanks, symposia , round tables, good practices...... about methods and processes of thinking that develop communities and organisations work in teams and with a democratic mentality. The application of methods of critical and creative thinking , deeper thinking and skills to improve life and work more efficiently to create a sustainable and socially responsible model . A reflection starting with the development of people revising fundamental areas like Education , Business, Technology ,Art and Sport.


ICOT 2015 BILBAO offers a program which continues the principals of previous editions but adds new valuable elements:

- Creation of spaces to facilitate the interchange, before and after the event in June/July of 2015 , looking for synergias and connections which favor social , democratic, educative and economic growth.
- The opening of Latin America through the use of Spanish as the vehicle language , for the first time.
- The visualisation of Euskera as a european minority language , which has an efficient program of development which could be transferred to other minority languages at risk .
- Exemplification through the basque dynamic of cooperatives, innovation, and entrepreneurs .
- The possibility of interdisciplinary works created from the areas addressed

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