José María Luzarraga

Jose Mª is a professor at Mondragón University and co-founder of the international network of entrepreneurs Mondragon Team Academy (MTA). He has a Doctorate in Business Administration from Mondragon University (2008). He also has a Bachelor degree in Administration and Management from Deusto University (2000) and a Masters in Team-Entrepreneurship from the Team Academy of Finland (2009).

He is an international researcher for MIK (Mondragon Innovation Knowledge) management research centre for the MONDRAGON Group. He specialises in globalization and multilocation, the BRIC countries and South-east Asia where he has continually conducted diverse international projects of investigation since 2005.

Jose Mª has had the opportunity of giving various presentations at an international level in various countries. He is a collaborator with the universities CEIBS (Shanghai), Tecnológico de Monterrey (Querétaro, Mexico), Harvard Business School and Stanford University.

As the International Project Manager, he has eleven years of professional experience, five in the sector of strategic consulting, technology and project management and six in investigation.
Lastly, Jose Mª is a social entrepreneur and promoter of new social enterprise initiatives such as: "Viaje Solidario", a platform for responsible tourism (2004), "Empathya Consulting" which is a consultancy involved with corporate social responsibility and leadership (2005), and EuskalAsia.

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