Iñigo Marquina Zarraga

A founding member of Evocalia, Iñigo´s professional focus is the development of managers and teams and the facilitation of the change process in organisations. During the last 15 years, he has managed or participated in projects of development and change in more than 100 different organisations.

Iñigo has been trained in coaching by the Behaviourial Coaching Institute in Sydney, in group and individual relationships in organisations by the Tavistock Institute in London, in physcodrama and active techniques by the International Institute of Human Relations Dean and Doreen Elefthery, as well as other short development programs with Külpp & Partners, Hakomi Institute...

Prior to his tenure as a consultant and coach, Iñigo worked as a manager in the industry sector, in various functions – sales, management control, operations, factory management – and with diverse cultural backgrounds – Spain and United Kingdom, which without a doubt enriched his perspective of business organisations. Iñigo has organised conferences and directed summer camps, always with the theme of persons in the organisations.


Round table
Learning Communities.

We will discuss communities as a learning process that develop leadership skills and management in the business world.
What are Communities ? ,How can they be a valuable process and how is this articulated.
The answer has to do with Turning Communities into a mirror in which we can look at ourselves.
They are also places to try out ideas , and for training ... and a safe space in which to share progress and difficulties.


Three leadership skills
There are others equally important like listening for example, generating a shared sense or the development of others, and the ability to speak , an choose the right 'stance' for each interaction, as suggested by Jeff Clannon, but I want to turn our attention to three which are sometimes ignored :

To construction of safe spaces.

There is communication when we feel that there are safe spaces in which we can talk about what really matters to us, or import without feeling threatened.


Instill positive energy.

Clearly, the energy level is important, we think everything is given by us or removed; we also give or take away energy from those around us.

Every person, every organization has its own way of give and take energy

We will talk more about this , but understand its importance? Is it something we do a pat on the shoulder or is it a capacity that we have? We will discuss why it is a fundamental component in the life of teams and Organizations.

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