09 Feb

María Acaso

María Acaso has been described as one of the leaders of what has been called The Education Revolution in Spain and Latin America, where she gives a special roll to Arts Education.

She is also the coordinator of the Disruptive Education School (Telefónica Fundation), funder of Invisible Pedagogies, and Associate Professor of Art Education at the Universidad Complutense Madrid (Spain).



Descolonise the gaze : defending artistic educacationas a strategy of knowledge / decolonising.

Subjects related to visual languages in general and the visual arts in particular are a marginalized group within schools and many other cultural institutions. One reason for this marginalisation is the lack ofsocial visibilityof the visual arts in relation to the generation of knowledge. At this conference, we will defend the need to implement an urgent paradigm shift in art education, where the bases that support the change are knowledge, the process and the idea of remixing.

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