With a degree and various postgraduate qualifications in Psychology, as well as in Finance, Javier Goienetxea is a Coach of Ontological Business.

Javier has extensive experience (31 years) in the cooperative world, where he forms part of various governing bodies and sits on the Board of Directors for organisations such as Eika, Eroski and Erkop, and Social Management Committees for Eroski and the Mondragon Corporation, along with Governing Councils and / or Administrations for Lagun Aro, Cecosa (Eroski Group), Erkop and the Standing Committee of the Mondragon Corporation. Furthermore, he was a member of the Technical Committee which participated in developing the Mondragon Corporate Management Model.

With regards to the development of institutional relations, highlights include being: President of Clúster Alimentation Euskadi (2009-2011), President of Konfekoop, Confederation of Cooperatives of Euskadi (2011- 2015), Vicepresident of the Superior Council of Cooperatives of Euskadi (2011- ...), Vicepresident of CEPES, Spanish Business Confederation of the Social Economy (2012- 2015), President of Erkide, Federation of Associated Work, Education and Credit Cooperatives of Euskadi (2013- ....), Basque Advisor CES (Economic and Social Advice) (2012 – 2014) y President of the Mondragon Congress and Standing Committee (December 2014 - ....)

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