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Video Streaming

Only available in spanish during the Icot2015 but afer the Icot available in english and Spanish.

Video Streaming

Thinking Txoko

Thinking Txoko >>>

The Thinking-Txoko is an innovative alternative space at the  ICOT 2015 . 

The  will be situated in the main hall of the conference and it will gather different speakers and professionals to discuss certain themes of the conference.

By being in an open space there will be more freedom and opportunities to interact, listen, ask and debate for the attendees. 


During the days of ICOT2015 we will open a "TänkBar" (a venue with thinking on the menu) in connection to interesting lectures and sessions.

In a tasty and visual environment between keynote and featured sessions , we want to help the participants to reflect on what they just have heard in presentations or experienced during workshops.

During coffee breaks and lunches, we will therefore "enhance" the usual café and restaurant environment with various visual aids and tangible thinking tools to help participants to think together while eating or taking a coffee."

50 person per session permited.

Cost: FREE

Language: English

See pdf >>> for more information.

Schedule of the presenters that we follow up in TänkBar:


Real Sociedad Fundation

Real Sociedad FUNDAZIOA was founded with the aim of promoting sport as part of education to promote and develop heathly habits in our young people. Among the founding aims of Real Sociedad FUNDAZIOA it highlights "the promotion and dissemination of sport in childhood and for youth, providing access for all and ensuring that sport is included in the education of young people. " In pursuit of this goal, Real Sociedad FUNDAZIOA aims to promote sports for all the young people of Gipuzkoa from their earliest ages, in school.

Training is at the heart of the activity of the Foundation. The training of young athletes, especially football players and always looking for athletes with both a personal and social balance, is the main activity of the Foundation. This training work would be impossible to develop if it were not for the essential collaboration of all stakeholders of Guipuzcoa and especially football clubs. Real Sociedad Fundazioa has the vocation to be a support tool.

In the formation of the Royal Society values ​​education has a constant prescence . The culture of effort, delivery, commitment, respect, personal growth, fellowship, pride, humility, participation, leadership. These are values ​​that we have inherited for over 100 years and now Real Sociedad have a responsibility to preserve them, especially since they constitute the essence of leadership of Real in Gipuzkoa. A leadership based on values.



A neurologist and specilaist in Parkinsons and movement disorders. Director of the Parkinson Research Center in San Sebastián Gipuzkoa Polyclinic. Inbiomed CEO (Research Center for Regenerative Medicine) Foundation. Scientific Director of the Center for Research and Advanced Therapies in Alzheimer's disease (CITA.alzheimer).

He is a member of the Board of Real Sociedad de Futbol SAD Foundation Board and Real Sociedad.

He has published over 150 articles in national and international scientific journals and has spoken in over 300 conferences. He is the author of six books on the medical aspects of Parkinson's disease. He received 3 times the Parkinson Spain Award for Best Research Project Award and Scientific Research in 2009. Contributes Parkinson "El Diario Vasco" with the "The Tree of Knowledge". He is the author of three books on science "Do not eat the coconut" and "Science Daily" and "Brain and Football"


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