The Icot 2015 organisers met David Perkins and Robert Swartz


A working meeting took place on May 30th between Ana Pérez (COAS) and Javier Bahón (TUinnovas) with David Perkins and Robert Swartz, who are both members of the standing committee of the ICOT 2015 BILBAO.

It was a follow up meeting with the organizers of the ICOT-2015, the seventeenth edition will take place in Bilbao from 29 June to 3 July 2015.

During this meeting a number of issues relating to the leading international speakers already confirmed , as well as other personalities who have initiated contacts were discussed, also the submission deadline, the second week in June, was established for works and communications for people interesed in participating in the Congress. Also,the issue of the first ICOT-2015 Newsletter will go out in June .

The standing committee of the ICOT ensures the good organisation of the biennial event, which is lead locally by the educational group COAS, TUinnovas with the help of the Montserrat School and Innobasque .

Video Bilbao

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