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If you only look at the conscious intelligence a lot of talent is wasted

JOSEPH RENZULLI, researcher of giftedness and lecturer of ICOT 2015, advocates that sthe whole school population should benefit from strategies traditionally associated with high ability students.

In the late 70s, Joseph Renzulli challenged the classic approach of giftedness (or gifted), previously linked rigidly and without many nuances to an intelligence quotient (IQ) higher than 130. With his theory of the three rings, he joined the innate ability in some field of knowledge the creative potential of the individual and their commitment to take action. Only the confluence of these three variables crystallized in what he called "gifted behaviors" or "creative products". Furthermore, environmental factors of diverse nature and personality can pave the way to be greatly gifted or to be plagued with insurmountable obstacles.

In addition to his theoretical contribution, the educational psychologist has pleaded for decades to extend to all types of students -through his school enrichment model - which are the traditional teaching strategies for high ability students.

Renzulli will not miss his appointment with the International Conference on Thinking (ICOT) next summer in Bilbao, which will coincide with old acquaintances such as Howard Gardner, David Perkins and Robert Sternberg.

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More than 800 people from 25 countries are registered at the ICOT 2015

With only three months until the start of Icot 2015, more than 800 people from 25 countries have registered at the XVII International Conference on Thinking, in which attendees and speakers will discuss how to integrate thinking in the processes to build learning communities, undertake and innovate in the fields of education, business, art and sport.

We have received over 200 papers which will be presented during the conference. Communications have reached almost all the whole of Spai but also from Australia, New Zealand, United States, Argentina, UK, Sweden, Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Greece, Malaysia, among other countries. Most are oral presentations, workshops, innovative good practices and posters.

The Congress will have a team of internationally renowned speakers such as Howard Gardner, Edward de Bono, David Perkins, Joseph Renzulli, José Antonio Marina, Arthur L. Costa; Robert Swartz, Richard Gerver, Guy Claxton and others ... who will be involved in different formats such as conferences, workshops, symposia, 'thinktank', roundtables and best practices.


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Collaboration agreement with OEI

THE EDUCATIONAL GROUP COAS, together with TU INNOVAS are the organizers of the International Congress of Thinking ICOT 2015, has signed a collaboration agreement with OEI (Organization of American States) for the dissemination of this congress in Latin American countries.

The secretary general of the OEI, Paulo Speller, has kindly agreed to join the Honorary Committee of the ICOT-2015 and has confirmed his presence at the opening ceremony to be held in Bilbao on June 29, 2015.

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Karin Morrison - Quick Interview about the Icot and Bilbao


Karin Morrison came to Bilbao and met Ana Pérez and Javier Bahón from the Organising comittee of the Icot 2015. We made a quick interview about the importance of the Icot and her impressions about Bilbao.

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Last Wednesday, the Spanish Congress approved the proposal to include chess as a subject in the curriculum. With this new we would like to announce that the ICOT will have the presence of two great experts in chess:  ADRIANA SALAZAR and LEONTXO GARCÍA.

With their participation in this International conference on thinking 2015 we want to highlight the educational benefits of playing chess and the ability to learn to think at school which it can provide.

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Revista Magisterio: ICOT2015, la gran cita mundial de la Educación

Jose Mª de Moya, Director of Magisterio magazine, highlights the importance of the ICOT 2015, here is the article below.

The educational Group COAS along with TuInnovas have skillfully managed to achieve that the ICOT 2015 will be held for the first time, after 30 years in a Spanish speaking country, which will be Spain.

MAGISTERIO has the honor to be the official exclusive media partner in what is considered the biggest global educational event, something like the Olympics in Education which happens every two years, which gathers together the most brilliant thinkers of the moment in one place .

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Video Bilbao

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