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On January 14, the Organising Committee of ICOT 2015, met Karin Morrison, a member of the Standing Committee of the ICOT, the organiser of ICOT 2005 in Melbourne (Australia) and a speaker at ICOT2015.

Karin is the director of the Center for Development of Independent Schools in Victoria (Australia), coordinating the professional learning of educators at all levels in the 220 schools that integrate and introduce new and innovative learning opportunities.

Professor Lane Clark arrived in Bilbao on November 20 for a meeting with the organizing committee of ICOT 2015. Lane was also available to the media of the Basque Country to answer questions.

Lane is one of the plenary speakers at the International Conference on Thinking (ICOT-2015) to be held in Bilbao between the dates of June 29 and July 3, 2015.

The CEO of the Educational Group COAS, Antonio López, attended on the 12, 13 and 14th of November the "Iberoamerican Congress on Science, Technology, Education and Innovation" held in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Antonio had the opportunity to inform many people about the ICOT, such as the new secretary of the OEI (Organization of American States), Paulo Speller and Ignacio Hernandez and Dario Bulfer, directors of this organization in Uruguay and Argentina . He also contacted Sara Pagola (delegate of the Basque Government in the Southern Cone) and Laura Mares (responsible for Latin American Network of Educational Portals). They all showed much interest in the upcoming celebration of ICOT in Bilbao.

The organisers of the Conference were kind enough to give one of the stands to COAS and ICOT.


On the 28th and 29th of November, Victor Petuya, the president of FAPAE / EIGEF (Federation of Parents of Euskadi) attended the General Assembly of the EPA (European Parents Association) in Bucharest where he reported the latest updates from the ICOT and highlighting the points of interest for European parents.

The EPA is a European body representing more than 160 million families and it is assisting by giving information about the ICOT to its associate members.

In the previous meeting held in May in Lisbon, Victor introduced the ICOT Conference to the general assembly.



On the 3rd of November the XX Advanced European Management week, was held with the slogan : Advanced Management for Competitiveness. 20 years of sharing experiences convened by Euskalit and co-organized by COAS and AICE.

The objective of this conference which was attended by almost hundred managers from educational centers and educational institutions was to highlight the importance of introducing the competences to learn to think within the school curriculum and the necessity for school organisations to evolve towards management according to the model of advanced organisations.

The most prominent speakers were : Itziar Segovia (DENBOLAN CONSULTORIA), Javier Bahon (Tu INNOVAS), Goiuri Benito (AYALDE), Xaviar Etxeberria (MUNABE) and Ana Perez (COAS) .

In the last part of the day Ana Perez and Javier Bahon the organisers of the ICOT presented the international conference which will be held in Bilbao between 29 th of June and the 3rd of July 2015.


After analyzing the traffic report of the Icot 2015 website we can observe there is a huge interest in this International Conference:

Already more than 120 countries have connected to the web from more than 1,080 cities in 50 different languages.

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