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Video Streaming

Only available in spanish during the Icot2015 but afer the Icot available in english and Spanish.

Video Streaming

Thinking Txoko

Thinking Txoko >>>

The Thinking-Txoko is an innovative alternative space at the  ICOT 2015 . 

The  will be situated in the main hall of the conference and it will gather different speakers and professionals to discuss certain themes of the conference.

By being in an open space there will be more freedom and opportunities to interact, listen, ask and debate for the attendees. 


During the days of ICOT2015 we will open a "TänkBar" (a venue with thinking on the menu) in connection to interesting lectures and sessions.

In a tasty and visual environment between keynote and featured sessions , we want to help the participants to reflect on what they just have heard in presentations or experienced during workshops.

During coffee breaks and lunches, we will therefore "enhance" the usual café and restaurant environment with various visual aids and tangible thinking tools to help participants to think together while eating or taking a coffee."

50 person per session permited.

Cost: FREE

Language: English

See pdf >>> for more information.

Schedule of the presenters that we follow up in TänkBar:


Fermín De la Calle

He has a BA in Journalism from the Faculty of Information Sciences at the Pontifical University of Journalism. He was a member of the editorial staff of AS, from 1998-2012, in different roles as editor of the football section, editor of the section of Real Madrid 1999-2002 AS delegate in Galicia and Asturias 2002-06, section head of Sports 2007-2010, special envoy for Football 2010-2012 and large events.

He was sports editor of the Terra, website of Telefónica, from 2012-2014. Sports editor of the website Voice Pópuli from 2014 to the present. I write a blog on Yahoo-Eurosport, I am a specialist rugby Canal + since 2006, where he has participated in covering the Six Nations and the World Championships in 2007 and 2011. Collaborating Jotdown, Esquire, the magazine Líbero Study and tertuliano being Stadium 2012 and 2014.

He has covered events like the Olympics (Sydney 2000 and London 2012), Euro (Poland and Ukraine 2012),Copaû America football (Paraguay 1999 and Argentina 2011) Confederations Cup (Brazil 2013) or Copa América de Vela (2007 ).

He is a member of the Faculty of ESIC in the chair of Marketing and Sports, speaker at the conference of Sport Marketing and Digital Journalism 2013 2014 ESIC, professor of New Technologies in the Master of Sports Journalism Real Madrid at the European University (2010- 12), professor of Journalistic Writing in the Master of the Valencia International University (2011-12), a speaker at the 2014 iRedes.

Grupo Prisa PDD at IESE Business School (Madrid, March-June 2007).



Can Social Networking break the mould of sports journalism? Are athletes now the big players in the media? What it is the current relationship between the players and fans? These are some of the issues that we will have a chance to discuss during this round table. Without doubt, big questions about the ability of sport to tell stories and how journalists need to adapt to changing times.



Is it true that everything has been written? Stories we always read stories that always wins. Sport and the Media.

Can Social Networking break the mould of sports journalism? Are athletes now the biggest players in the media? What it is the current relationshipbetween players and fans? These are some of the issues that we will have a chance to discuss during this roundtable. Certainly, big questions about the power of storytelling within sport and how journalists are adapting to changing times.


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