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Venue - Palacio Euskalduna

The Palacio Euskalduna will be the headquarters for the Icot 2015. There will be parallel sessions taking place nearby (the venues to be confirmed).

Located in a prime area of the city center, the Euskalduna has been one of the protagonists of the spectacular transformation of Bilbao. A short walk from the Guggenheim Museum, Fine Arts Museum and Maritime Museum Bilbao, and the River of Bilbao, the Convention Centre and Concert Hall has received several international awards, including the prestigious Apex Award "Best Congress Centre of the World", in 2003, the International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC) comprising fifty countries.

Conceived by its architects Federico Soriano and Dolores Palacios as a vessel permanently under construction, emerging from a dam which formerly was located at the Euskalduna shipyard, after which it was named, the Palacio also won the Enric Miralles Prize 2001, at the VI biennial of Spanish Architecture.

In October 2004 it was awarded the "Q" of "Turistic Quality", the first center of its kind in achieving such a distinction.
It is a large multifunctional complex of 53,000 m2, which agglutinates varied and numerous economic and business activities, institutional, social and cultural nature. The Euskalduna Palacio is home to the Opera Season ABAO, which has developed into one of the most important and prestigious in Spain and Europe.

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