Keys for improving the education system in Spain

Dirk Van Damme, director of innovation and progress indicators OECD, believes that the use of resources should be improved and Spain needs to abandon its rather traditional way of teaching These words were addressed mainly to the Spanish educational institutions to mark the launch of 'Panorama of Education 2014 "in Madrid on September 10, 2014.

This expert added that "Spain spends enough on education. The question is whether the expense is commensurate to the level of investment. The problem is what students are learning and how they learning, because they are not developing the skills that society and the economy needs. "

Van Damme believes the training of teachers in modern methods is the key "Getting in front of the students with a book just is not helpful." Spain needs to modernize teaching techniques in the classroom as teachers are very traditional. He also stresses that it is not only important to train young teachers but also continuing education and training throughout life is essential. He believes that an improvement of competencies and professional skills is urgently needed.

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