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    MAIN TOPIC: "Thinking for constructive communities"


    -Thinking in helping to develop democratic attitudes: shared thinking, negotiation skills, conflict resolution, participation process, peace education, shared vision, leadership, life skills, social responsability and communicative & intercultural competences.

    -Thinking to improve people and organizations: lerarning organizations, leadership, Systems thinking, sustainability, emphathetic attitudes, critical and creative thinking, habits of Mind, teamwork, personal mission, neuroscience, entrepeneurship, excellent work and a close connection among school-universities and business.

    -Construction of thinking in social networks: effective communication, community reflexion, emotional understanding, responsable strategies, mass media as a service to social objetives, digital ethics, technologies, social networks...

    -Education as a base for social change: Includes [1] [2] [3]



    These topics will be referred to the following strands:


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